The Best Playforever Car Toys of 2024

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The Best Playforever Car Toys of 2024

Playforever, renowned for crafting luxury toy cars, caters to those who appreciate authentic design. These luxury toy cars are crafted in the finest materials to share quality from a young age.

The inception of Playforever's story traces back to founder Julian Meagher, who, at just eleven years old, found inspiration riding his bike through local underground car parks. This early fascination fueled Julian's passion to create a collection of timeless toys that captivate the hearts of both children and adults alike.

At, we value the quality of the products and details that will make them unique and timeless to pass down to the next generation. We handpicked this Playforever cars collection that is toddler-friendly but will also captivate the attention of adults

The Timeless Design Cars from Playforever

Playforever Leadbelly The Muscle Car

Inspired by the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang and many American muscle classic cars from the 1960s. The play forever Leadbelly is an amazing luxury car gift for American Muscle Classic cars enthusiasts. 


Playforever Leadbelly American Muscle Car


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Playforever Luft - Playforever Porsche 911

An icon automobile design, the Playforever Luft is inspired by the Porsche 911 Targa following the car's original design since its success story of Porsche. It comes in four classic styles: Hopper, Crow, Slate, Biba and Pfeiffer.

Playforever Luft - Porsche 911


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Vintage Playforever Racing Cars

Playforever Malibu Racing Car

Inspired by the Masserati in Formula 1 of the 20s and 30s, the playforever Malibu racing car is a beautiful toy car and also a decorative piece, it comes in three styles: Benjamin, Lucas and Ross.


Playforever Malibu Racing Car

This beautiful child design car is safety tested and recommended for children of 1-year plus.


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Playforever Rufus Patrick Racing Car

Like all the Playforever cars, the Rufus Patrick racing car is built to last a lifetime and passed on among generations with this beautiful timeless design.

 Playforever Rufus Patrick Racing Car

This toy car is the perfect table or shelf decoration for your child’s room or even your home office! It also comes in four styles to fit any taste and interior design.


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Playforever Turbo Racing Car

Inspired by the 80s Formula 1 racing cars, the Playforever turbo racing car is an incredible toy racing car built with the finest materials and classic colours of racing cars, these cars come with bold graphics, box wings and air ducts.



The perfect racing car that captures the spirits of the 80s, it comes in four styles to match any taste of a Formula 1 fan.


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We invite you to discover the Luxury Toy Car Collection, where you can find more styles and materials. offers the possibility to purchase completely online and shipping worldwide.