Best Foosball Tables For Home in 2022

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Best Foosball Tables For Home in 2022

A foosball table is a perfect idea for an existing games room at home or the new one you might be planning to create. This table game is going to provide not months but years of great memories for your family or friends, if the table is crafted with high-quality materials and fits your needs. Choosing the best foosball table does not have to be hard for you. We have prepared some tips for buying your foosball table.

Unlike pool tables or full-size ping pong tables, foosball takes up less space, and some designs might take lesser space while still providing fun and entertainment.

At, we kick off an entire collection of luxury foosball tables from the best game designers on the market to make sure you get a high-crafting game at home.

In this post you will find some picks from the best foosball table designers for home and a bonus.

French Foosball Tables Designers

French tables are often made with soft playing cover and usually use cork balls. They feature telescoping rods that move in and out only on the handle side, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

Best Classic Design From Stella

The Stella team put all their energy into crafting some of the most beautiful foosball tables from the North of France since 1928. Their designs often blend tradition with modernity, and some keep the charm of the vintage tables.

Stella's retro vintage design table has the charm of the foosball tables from the 50s. The pieces are made of stainless steel and aluminum. A great feature of this table is that you can customize the players' colors.

Best Contemporary Design From Rene Pierre

Rene Pierre is not a random brand name. That's the gentleman name who founded the company in Ranchot, France. He started creating his tables in a garage, the tables have a  traditional design, blending them with various furniture styles. Which is the philosophy of Rene, create games that combine smoothly into your home.

This foosball table from the French designer Rene Pierre is suitable for beginners to intermediate players.

Experienced foosballers often have their top foosball table and designers of preference, but those new to the game may not realize the slight differences in construction. That's why we want to give you extra help to find your ideal foosball table.

Italian Foosball Tables

They are typically built with a glass playing surface. Depending on the ball's material, the games can be faster and more challenging, which often occurs with plastic balls.

Most Italian foosball tables have single goalies and spring-loaded bumpers at the ends that increase the ball's bounce.

If you are into Italian Foosball table designers, we recommend checking the luxury Fas Pendezza Tables. They are the best.


Foosball tables are a great source of fun and entertainment. But to get your money's worth, you need to choose a good table. We invite you to discover our hand-picked luxury foosball table collection.