Best Baby Modern Design Furniture Charlie Crane

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Best Baby Modern Design Furniture Charlie Crane

Thinking ahead for your little one’s nursery is one of the most exciting tasks you’re going to do. Plush, the sooner you start, the more time you give yourself to make changes and account for additional pieces.

Deciding when to start shopping for baby furniture comes down to your preferences. Although some pieces are best to find earlier than later, there is no right or wrong way to shop.

However, you will want to decide what features or styles you do and don’t want for your furniture and what items are essential for your baby.

We’ve prepared a list of the must-haves for your baby's arrival. Most of these pieces are suitable for small apartments and spaces without minimizing their incredible design.

We know shopping for your future little one can be fun and memorable. As soon as you know the gender or if you already have in mind what style you want your baby’s room to have, you can begin looking for items you want to incorporate into your nursery.

Some furniture pieces will take longer to come in than others, so getting ahead of the curve is always best.

You might be wondering when to start buying furniture for your baby.

Before looking for decoration for your baby’s room, we recommend laying out how much space you have, what style you want for the room, and how much money you can spend.

If you have ample space, you’ll have more freedom to store and organize all of the items that your baby will need. But if space is tight, you may need to get creative. So instead of a full-size dresser and changing table, you’ll want to have a 2-in-1 or a wall-mounted changing table.

You want your nursery furniture to fit comfortably in your space. So, don’t forget to think about play and walking spaces as you make your design plan.

What items will you need?

This question can be hard to answer because it depends on your budget. That being said, most nurseries have the following basic pieces:
  • Crib 
  • Crib mattress
  • Dresser
  • Changing table
  • Rocking chair
  • Closet/place to hang clothes
  • Diaper bin

Investing in high-quality furniture with adaptable structures will save you some money as your baby starts growing. For example, an adaptable crib will work as a toddler bed.

Quality furniture, especially for a baby’s nursery, tends to be more costly. But knowing that you have solid pieces that will last gives you greater peace of mind when planning for everything you’ll need.

As promised, here are some must-haves for your baby’s arrival by a leading French nursery furniture brand.

Charlie Crane is a Paris-based company creating practical and comfortable furniture for babies without compromising on beauty. Their designs are influenced by 1950s French designers and mid-century modern furniture from Scandinavia.

The stylish furniture blends itself into your home, making you proud to display your child’s furniture around the house.

Charlie Crane LEVO Rocker

An essential piece of furniture for little ones, perfect for newborns all the way up to 7 months. Your baby will be comfortable and well-protected in this stylish rocker, the natural rocking softly follows the movement of your baby, allowing him/her to fall asleep easily.

Available in two styles and five Colors. The box includes 1 cushion, 1 Allen key, 2 wooden legs, 1 wooden seat frame, and  1 removable harness.

Charlie Crane Wall-Mounted Changing Table

This space-saving changer is wall-mounted to whatever height suits you and features curved sides to keep little wrigglers safe and comfortable.

The NOGA changing table easily stores all of your baby care essentials within arm’s reach so you never lose sight of your little one.

Charlie Crane KUMI cradle with organic mattress

The KUMI is a modern cradle/bassinet designed to recreate the warmth of the maternal womb. The cradle is where your newly born will spend most of his/her time during the first months.

KUMI is suitable from birth until the child can sit alone, stand up or crawl. Once the baby has finished using the cradle, it can be folded and stored, ready for future siblings.

If you want to invest in a piece for long-term use, we recommend the KIMI Baby Bed instead of KUMI. A suitable bed for children from 2 to 7 years old.