Adorn Your Home with Wooly Sheep Decor by Meier Germany

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Adorn Your Home with Wooly Sheep Decor by Meier Germany

When it comes to decorating your home, adding a little bit of cozy can take your space from drab to fab! If you're looking for a unique way to bring some warmth and texture to any room, then this wooly sheep decor may be the perfect choice for you. Not only does this fun style add a bit of whimsy, but it also adds extra comfort and character.

The Meier Germany Story

For over 50 years, the Meier Germany family has been handcrafting wooden sheep with unwavering devotion. It's no wonder that year after year their lovely sheep creations have gained a loyal fan base among decorators and toy collectors alike. 

But recently, their flock of customers expanded in an unexpected way -- when it was discovered that their wooly wooden sheep make excellent door holders, footstools, and a cute seat for children!

Benefits of Decorating with Woolly Sheep

Adding a wooly sheep to any decorating scheme is sure to bring a sense of warmth and style to any space. 

They are a versatile decoration that can be used year-round, and their natural wool fibers provide a unique texture that adds character to any room. Not only are they an aesthetically pleasing addition, but they can also act as a useful small furniture for children

Wooly sheep are an excellent choice for those looking to add some extra charm and coziness to their home. 

This type of decor is ideal for both children and adults alike, allowing them to express themselves in an inviting way. 

Adding Colorful Accents with wooly sheep

The fluffy texture makes them incredibly soft and cozy, while the colors range from white all the way up to deep grey, giving everyone plenty of options that match their own personal style.

In short,  Meier Germany sheep provides the perfect solution for any homeowner who wants to make their home more cozy and inviting. With its unique design, beautiful color options and feel-good texture, these sheep offer an easy way to transform a house into a home.

Not only will they give your home a warm, welcoming atmosphere but they are also low maintenance and affordable than Lalanne’s sheep. So why not add a few of these adorable, cuddly friends to your living room? 

We invite you to discover the Meier Germany collection, you’ll find more models and wooden animals!