Tintin Moon Rocket From Fiction To Reality

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Tintin Moon Rocket From Fiction To Reality

Did you know that Tintin was actually the first man to step on the moon?

Written in 1953, Destination Moon is a book in The Adventures of Tintin comic series by Hergé, which gives a detailed account of the moon's preparation and launching expedition. The red and white pattern on Hergé's Tintin Moon Rocket was based on measuring movements in a rocket during launching, developed by NASA.

The innovation of the rocket ship

It was common in literature and films for spaceships to be drawn as a cigar shape. Still, Hergé wanted to make sure his Tintin moon rocket was at the cutting-edge of technology, a rocket of its era, inspired by the drawings of the German scientist Wernher von Braun, who designed the V2.

The chequered pattern made it easier to observe the Tintin Rocket Ship rolling and spinning at take-off. Making the Tintin rocket ship a beautiful decoration piece that fits into any room.

From fiction to reality

The Adventures of Tintin and its cars, objects and personas are undoubtedly among the best comic book series items to bring from fiction to reality. Among them, the most exciting Tintin Adventure is Destination Moon, and a beautiful rocket ship is a way to be part of the adventure.

Today, the Tintin rocket is a beautiful decoration object to put on a shelf and a wonderful gift idea for a Tintin Lover. The moon rocket is available in five sizes: 17cm, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and 150cm.

Tintin Moon Rocket Variations

These are a numbered edition with a certificate of authenticity, and the rocket ships are made from resin and manufactured by Moulainsart, the official editor of Tintin books and merchandise.

The Tintin Rocket of 150cm edition is a limited edition and comes with a waiting list lasting a couple of months minimum. Contact us, and we will help you get your hands on your beautiful Tintin moon rocket.


Tintin Moon Rocket 150cm


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