Stuffed animals for newborns: The softest companions

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Stuffed animals for newborns: The softest companions

Stuffed animals for newborns are much more than just toys. From the moment they enter the world, babies seek comfort, affection and security, and soft and cuddly stuffed animals become their ideal companions.

These cuddly plush creatures are able to provide comfort and warmth, creating a special bond with newborns from the first day of their lives.

In this blog, we will explore the charm and importance of stuffed animals for babies, and discover why they have become inseparable companions in the adventure of parenting. 

Benefits of Teddybears

When we think of soft toys for newborns, we often associate them with tenderness and comfort. However, their impact goes far beyond being simple objects of attachment. Stuffed animals play a vital role in the emotional development of babies, providing them with a number of benefits that help promote their well-being and healthy growth.

  • Security and emotional comfort: The act of cuddling and snuggling with a stuffed animal provides them with a sense of calm and stability during times of transition, such as bedtime or when facing new situations. 
  • Development of social and emotional skills: By interacting with their stuffed animals, babies learn to express emotions, practice nonverbal communication skills and develop the ability to empathize. 
  • Sensory stimulation: Touching and exploring different parts of the stuffed animal, babies develop their tactile sense and improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Development of imagination: As babies grow, stuffed animals become valuable playmates. Babies begin to assign characteristics and personalities to their stuffed animals, engaging in imaginative play.

Best Teddybears for newborns

Jellycat Tumblie Sheep Dog

His sheep are so smart they’ve penned themselves in, so Tumble Sheepdog has nothing to do! Tumblie is the cuttest of teddybear dogs!

Sheep Dog TeddyBear Suitable from Birth


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Jellycat Little Fox

This worlds most beautiful Little Fox teddybear is a gingery jumble. An affordable yet very cute and qualitative stuffed animal for babies and children.


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Histoire d'Ours Jellyfish Teddy

Can't stress enough the beauty of this stuffed jellyfish. It will take your little one on a unique journey to the heart of the oceans and dive into the discovery of the fabulous treasures of the sea.


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Baby Vintage Teddy Bear

These beautiful and cute honey-coloured teddies are the friend your child needs! These soft teddies are wonderfully suited for any age. The cute teddies from Histoire d'Ours are luxurious, beautifully made, and created from only the softest and finest materials.


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Stuffed animals for newborns are much more than just toys. They are tender companions that provide comfort, security and affection to babies from the first day of their lives. Their softness, cuddly designs and ability to stimulate emotional development make them indispensable in raising newborns.

When choosing cuddly toys, it is important to consider the safety and quality of the materials. Discover the magical world of cuddly toys for newborns and give your baby a soft and cuddly companion to cuddle and love!