Add personality to your child's room with Maison Deux rugs

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Add personality to your child's room with Maison Deux rugs

When it comes to designing a child's room, one of the most important elements to consider is the rug. It adds personality and character to the space and serves a functional purpose by providing a soft surface for playtime and protecting the flooring. 

One brand that offers a wide selection of child-friendly rugs is Maison Deux. Known for their playful and whimsical designs, forget Mackenzie because Maison Deux child rugs can help to create a fun and cozy atmosphere in any child's room. And the quality is the most superior we have seen. The price is on the high range but very much worth it. As we alwys say, buy quality not quantity.

In this post, we will explore the benefits of using a Maison Deux child rug in a child's room, highlight the unique designs and show you how to choose the perfect one for your space.

The importance of a rug in a child's room

A rug can serve multiple purposes in a child's room. First, it can act as the room's focal point, tying together the design and creating a cohesive look. 

Additionally, a rug can provide a soft surface for children to play on, making the room more comfortable and inviting. This is especially important for children who spend much time on the floor, whether playing with toys or reading a book.

Another benefit of a rug in a child's room is that it can protect the flooring underneath. 

Children can be rough on floors, whether it be from spills, stains, or scratches, and a rug can act as a barrier to protect the flooring underneath.

Rugs also can create a sense of warmth and comfort, especially in colder climatesA rug can be functional, aesthetic, and even educational regarding children's spaces.

Moreover, choosing a rug with a unique design can add a personal touch to the room and reflect the child's personality. 

With Maison Deux child rugs, you can choose from a wide range of playful and whimsical designs that can help to create a fun and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Unique designs of Maison Deux rugs

Maison Deux offers a wide range of child-friendly rug designs that are both playful and whimsical. From bright and colorful patterns to more subdued and neutral designs, there is something for every child's taste. 

Official Miffy Rug

Miffy is the world’s most famous bunny. The cute and iconic face is made in a higher pile, so it lays on the rug. A subtle detail that encourages sensitive play.

Dimensions: W80 x L111 x H2 cm

Hearts Rug

The Hearts Rug is a soft and cute addition to brighten up the nursery or kids’ room. A very pretty rug with warm colors for a cozy child room. It can be used for both girls' and boys' rooms or a mix!

The 3D structure and the contrasting colors let the hearts pop out of the floor.

Hearts Rug for Child Room

Dimensions: W80 x L120 cm; W120 x L180 cm

Leopard Rectangular Rug

The Leopard rug is an absolute beauty! The Perfect Rug for a luminous, healthy, designed, cozy and comfortable child room. Suitable for both boys and girls.

Make your kid's room an animal kingdom with the rectangle-shaped leopard rug available in three sizes.

Dimensions:W 80 x L120 cm, W120 x L180 cm, W170 x L240 cm

Smiley Bunch Rug

The Smiley Bunch Rug is an exclusive rug to brighten up any room. A massive combination of Smileys rugs pops out of the flour with its bold design. The colorful Smiley is super-soft and super funny. 

Dimensions: 180 x 150.8cm

Eyes Rug

An eye-catching, beautiful rug that brings fun to your child’s room and keeps those feet warm. The Eyes Rug is a playful set of 2 round rugs that encourages lots of playtimes.

Child's room, Maison Deux eyes rug

Dimensions: 70 cm diameter

In summary, using a Maison Deux rug in a child's room offers a variety of benefits. It adds personality and character to the space and serves a functional purpose by providing a soft surface for playtime, protecting the flooring, and creating a sense of warmth and comfort. 

Furthermore, Maison Deux's collection of child-friendly rugs features a wide range of playful and whimsical designs and educational designs that can be incorporated into different children's rooms. 

All the rugs are made from child-friendly materials and machine-washable, ensuring that they are both safe and easy to maintain.

If you want to add some personality and character to your child's room, consider a Maison Deux rug.