Luxury Cutlery Set - Christofle Flatware Egg Set

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Luxury Cutlery Set - Christofle Flatware Egg Set

What is the difference between a luxurious cutlery set and a regular household set? 

Even the most essential home basics like cutlery can make a huge difference in making your household a more elegant and pleasant place to spend time. When you are looking to buy the perfect cutlery set for your home, you will likely come across the term cutlery grade referring to the quality of metal used to produce the set. This is a subjective factor as people usually want different things when shopping. However, the main features you should be looking for in your set are the durability and quality of materials - as overall finish and design. The higher the grade of cutlery you choose the better will be.

Although the common color for cutlery is silver, some stainless steel sets have added colorful features that make them unique-looking matching your personal tastes and preferences.

We believe cutlery does not need to be a subtle accent at the table. The table setting is a form of art that we must discover and practice to instill an elegant touch in our dining room. Forks, knives, and spoons are the everyday essentials - but how can we make a difference with these simple items?

Luxury cutlery is meant to last a lifetime but also makes a difference, Maison Christofle has been making the most beautiful tableware items, all of them handmade to immortalize the qualities of elegance and excellence. Some of their pieces are like jewelry for tables

Christofle Egg Cutlery Set 

Their most iconic design has been the Cutlery set with an egg shape. Whether you host an outdoor dinner by the pool, the Egg shape set will take your outdoor dining to the next level.

Christofle Egg Set

The set includes six butter knives, six small spoons, six appetizer forks, and six silver-plated cocktail picks stored in an egg-shaped case and organized by a walnut disk. 

Christofle Egg Tea-time Set

Whether it’s a formal occasion or just an afternoon of indulgence with friends, there’s no better way to showcase your taste in luxury cutlery than the tea-time egg set version.

Christofle Egg Set For Tea Time

The set includes six espresso spoons stored in an egg-shaped case and organized in a walnut disk to keep them tidy. It comes in two styles: Silver plated and copper.

Shopping for cutlery can be a lot of fun, especially for new homeowners who are looking to add an elegant touch to their home by paying attention to the small details of their kitchen and table settings. We invite you to discover our luxury tableware collection to find the perfect items for your kitchen.