Best Flower Shaped Pillows for Toddlers

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Best Flower Shaped Pillows for Toddlers

Time has flown, and now your toddler has outgrown their crib. You’ll spend some time buying a new mattress and bedding, but what about pillows?

The best part of a big kid bed, aside from trying to keep them in said bed all night - is accessorizing it!

Choosing the right pillow for your child is a real thing to not only give them comfort but to personalize their room.

If you’re making over your child’s bedroom to welcome them to the world of big kid sleep, we have rounded up some tips on what you need to know about pillows for toddlers.

But if you need even more help buying a beautiful pillow for your toddlers, make sure to give this article a full read. We also curated some of the best flower shaped pillows on the market.

These options are so great, your little one might want to sleep in their own bed!

Before diving into it, let’s start with the most important question…

When can toddlers have their own pillows?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you can introduce a pillow to your child’s bed around 18 months of age but ideally around age 3.

Some of the factors you must consider are size, material, firmness, and durability (they are totally going to throw it around!).

Before you go shopping, it helps to know what things to look for before purchasing. Keep these in mind:

  • Materials: Kids who are sensitive to environmental allergens should sleep with a hypoallergenic pillow designed to reduce or limit the amount of bacteria that can grow on the pillow over time.
  • Filling: Many pillows are now being stuffed with eco-friendly materials like buckwheat and hemp, but those aren’t really a good choice because of the potential choking hazard.
  • Support: You want to make sure the pillow is not too firm and not too soft. You want to look for a comfortable pillow that will give the necessary support to your child to have a healthy sleep.
  • Size: A toddler doesn’t need a normal pillow like yours. Most toddler pillows are about 33 to 46 cm which is more appropriate for their smaller heads (and sleeping space).

The Best Flower Shaped Pillow for toddlers

As promised, we present you some of the most beautiful flower shaped pillows on the market. At, we value products' high quality and details to ensure that you will create remarkable moments for years to come with them.

Fleury daisy Flower Plush Pillow from Jellycat

Popping out with a smile every morning, the fleury daisy flower-shaped pillow is the perfect companion for your child. It’s so soft that your child will not stop hugging the pillow. 

Fleury daisy is suitable from birth. Its petal in soft fur, and delicate touch help children to relax faster.

Dimensions: H38 x W28 cm (large), H21 x W21 cm (small)

Fleury sunflower plush pillow from Jellycat

A cute plush pillow captures the beauty of a sunny day in the field. The sunflower from Jellycat represents the energy of the sun, it comes with deep lush petals in soft fur to help with the sensory stimulation of babies and toddlers.

Suitable from birth, the fleury sunflower makes the perfect gift idea to add a vibrant touch to any child’s room.

Dimensions: H39 x W39 cm (large), H20 x W20 cm (small)

Kidkki Flower pillow set

A beautiful set of flower-shaped pillows perfect to decorate your nursery room. They can also be used as playmats for younger children and babies, as it ensures landing for rolling and tumbling.

The set includes three pillows of different sizes, available in 2 colors: Beige and pink.

Dimensions: Two flower-shaped pillows of Dia. 50 cm and 1 of 100 cm.

We invite you to discover the universe of children, where you’ll find more gift ideas suitable for all ages.