Unique Mickey Mouse Figurines by Leblon Delienne

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Unique Mickey Mouse Figurines by Leblon Delienne

In a world full of animation, cartoons, and famous characters, there is a special one that remains as the favorite among children and adults: the cheerful Mickey Mouse.

The story surronding the cute mouse is well-known. Walt Disney, felt defeated from losing creative control over Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Today, we recognize Mickey Mouse in his iconic red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves. He is an optimistic, brave, and lovable mouse. He stands as the global ambassador of the Walt Disney Company, and without him, Walt might never have found his success. As Walt once said, “it was all started with a mouse”.

A similar case happened with the French workshop Leblon Delienne, they were recognized by being the main manufacturer of the iconic Tintin Rocket of the Belgian cartoon “The Adventures of Tintin”. It gave worldwide visibility to Leblon Delienne until the Hergé licenses expired in 2014, the workshop was found bankrupt and it could end their operations, but then they found an investor that helped them, and their first collaboration has been the perfect partnership with Disney. Together, they have created the most beautiful figurines of the popular Disney’s characters such as, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, you will also find limited copies of these items. The life-sized editions of these characters are entirely sold out, but the company is still working to create new editions with different styles, as each designer has their own design signature.

They are strongly driven-by art and craft. For more than 30 years, the Leblon Delienne sculpture workshop has used its expertise in design and through the dedication of the sculptures they have created the most beautiful pieces, those creations have given the company the French Living Heritage Company label, which is a state-awarded brand to distinguish French companies with outstanding craftsmanship and expertise.

Leblon Delienne Mickey Mouse Figurine

The latest version of Mickey Mouse comes in 22 styles! From neutral to bold colors, from wood effects to chrome gold versions. They are meant to look good and bring some good memories from our childhood, the Mickey Mouse figurine will match any interior style you just need to find yours!

Leblon Delienne Mickey Mouse Figurine

His body is made from resin and coated with matte paint, his ears’ color may vary depending on the model you choose as some may come with wood - but all come with the official Disney license. Some of these figurines come with a limited series as they are handmade in Leblon Delienne’s workshop, all their creation are the result of precise and meticulous work representing the passion and patience that each requires.

They are a perfect idea to give or keep for the next generation to come. If you are a lover of cartoons, we invite you to check the Leblon Delienne Collection where you can find the Smurfs, some Mickey friends and more.

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