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Kerzon Paris

Kerzon is a French brand of scented home products: from candles to eco-laundry detergents and hydroalcoholic gels, they produce some of the best home care products.

At Play Offside we love their work, their values, and especially the creativity and engagement behind their production and brand.

Kerzon was inspired by the scents of their family home, memories of travels and their passion for craftsmanship.

Kerzon is the sincere desire to create simple, authentic and sustainable products, they imagine a whole range of natural products that beautify the home and take care of your laundry and your body on a daily basis.

Kerzon produces some of the finest ecological laundry detergents: from daily multiuse ecological laundry soaps such as Mega Propre, Giga Doux or Super Frais, to specifics such as Gym Tonique or Maille Caline. Buy Online Kerzon Paris products.