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Edra is an Italian manufacturer founded in 1987 in Tuscany, Italy.

Edra focuses on designing and manufacturing the absolute best quality products, that join artistic tradition, technological research, high manual expertise and very high quality materials.

The sofas, armchairs and all other products of Edra collection are designed and realised in such an accurate way that makes them unmistakable and unique, to be experienced with the maximum pleasure. They remain a heritage forever.

Edra products stand for superlative comfort, universal and timeless elegance: these are the fundamental characteristics of edra.

At Play Offside we find that Edra is a superb partner. They create unique products that offer unparalleled comfort. Although we do not offer you - as of now - the possibility to purchase Edra products online, we are happy to count Edra among our partners for both commercial and residential products.

As an official Edra retailer, please contact us if you wish to purchase an Edra product. You can check the Edra catalogue and products on the official website.

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