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Rene Pierre

Rene Pierre is not only a brand, its an actual gentleman that founded a company in Ranchot, France.

He started manufacturing football tables in a garage. At the time, they were sent to the north of France to be sold. A couple months later, he was given a clog factory by his town council. He then invested in a wood machine to make football tables and pool tables and this was the real start of his business.

Rene Pierre creates a beautiful range of football tables and pool tables which were first sold to professionals who used them in pubs or game arcades. Rene Pierre always opted for quality items and started building the firm's reputation.

Rene Pierre takes his inspiration from the traditional know-how of the best billiard manufacturers, and from furniture designers. He has created his own line of products, distinguishing himself from his competitors in the pool tables and football tables industry. All Rene Pierre products combine quality of game and design requirements.

A real passion plus the respect of fundamental values are at the core of the company's philosophy and success, and at we highly respect and admire this.