Lucie Kaas

Wooden Teddybear Oak Wood

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This beautiful teddybear made from Oak Wood will follow you through life.

It will be very beautiful together with other wooden decorative animals, and placed next to plants, perhaps even inside a Terrarium?

You can use this gorgeous wooden teddy as a birth gift, student gift, wedding gift or birthday present to someone you love. The positive energy it transmits will simply radiate throughout.

Made from Oak Wood. Designed by Esben Gravlev for Lucie Kaas.

Dimensions: 8 cm (height)

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wood is a living material and overtime the color of wood will change. To minimize uneven discoloring it is recommended to not put wooden animals in contact with direct sunlight and change its place in the home now and then. Wood grain and colour variations are not considered quality failures but natural features of the product.