Wooden Play Money Suitable from 3 years old

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A very interesting and unique child gift set: play money. Now you may ask yourself why to give your little loved play money?

Indeed, our first intuition as parents is to disregard money and let our children grow free. However, sooner or later - and usually this happens at about 7 years old - your child will become interested in money and in fact children at that age start including monetary value in their value equation.

We are for teaching children about numbers and money from the earliest possible, without ever loosing sight that life is so much more than money, and that usually the best things in life such as love, caring, family, tenderness, etc are absolutely free in terms of money.

With all this being said, this money set will encourage your child counting practice and number recognition. They can create their own little shop.

Maybe your child gives you a loan and you repay with interest (by discreetly buying another set from us) to teach them how our monetary system functions?

This toy is plastic free. It is made 100% from ethically sourced rubberwood and decorated with non-toxic water based paints.

It includes notes, coins, credit cards and a loyalty card.

Suitable from 3 years old.