Wegiel Wooden Tournament No.5 Staunton Chess Set

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A classic and iconic wooden chess set from Wegiel: the Tournament Staunton Nº5.

It is the same size as used in official tournaments, made from European wood, and handcrafted in Poland.

The King height is 9cm, Queen 8.3cm and Pawn 4.4cm. The board dimensions are 48cm squared. The pieces are weighted by metal. The design of the chess pieces is Staunton.

The interior of the wooden box includes a green felt base which guarantees a fixed chess piece storage in order to limit mouvement and made to be carried or moved from place A to place B and keeping the pieces intact.

The recommended age is 14 years old, but we have clients playing from much younger and no issues.

Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 5 cm (lenght x width x height) - Weight: 2kg