Tobias Grau

Sixteen Table Lamp

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An incredible refined and elegant table lamp of stature.

It features the incredible Tobias Grau warmDIM technology which automatically adjusts colour temperature according to brightness. Turn the dimmer up, and this luxury table provides a crisper, brighter light. Dim down, and the light softens to a gentle amber glow.

Proud yet delicate proportions define this table luminaire. Named Sixteen it strikes a bold and balletic pose, defined by its elongated form. The shade in mouth-blown glass creates a particularly serene aura of light.

This striking lamp for table creates a beautiful, balletic silhouette, defined by delicate equilibrium and a lithe elongation of form. 

Dimensions: 18.5 x 54 cm (top diameter x height)

As a retailer we love Tobias Grau because they perfectly fit with our motto of manufacturing quality instead of quantity.  They work exclusively with the highest quality materials and trusted local suppliers. All partners are obliged to sign and adhere to their Code of Conduct, comprising both social and environmental standards.