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Salt & Pepper Dimmable Lamp Available in 2 Colours

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Salt & Pepper is one of the worlds most beautiful and qualitative portable and dimmable lamp.

Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau is portable, so you can carry and curate light as you need it. This portable luxury design lamp is designed for maximum versatility, beaming warmth and comfort indoors or out. Take the lamp out on the balcony, camping in the garden, or picnicking beneath the summer stars.

It has a splash proof surface and an incredible 100 hours of battery power!

It has a touch-sensitive surface making this lamp lighting intuitive, easy, and joyful. Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau matches light mobility with quality. Wherever it’s placed, the lamp beams a beautiful 360° glow of 450 Lumen, with integrated warmDIM technology for added versatility.

Available in 2 colours: Light, Dark

Dimensions: 18 x 13 cm (height x diameter)

As a retailer we love Tobias Grau because they perfectly fit with our motto of manufacturing quality instead of quantity.  They work exclusively with the highest quality materials and trusted local suppliers. All partners are obliged to sign and adhere to their Code of Conduct, comprising both social and environmental standards.