Roberta Tomato & Flower Reversible Baby Toy

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Did you know that tomatoes first are flowers? Of course you know...

But the question is not whether you knew that a tomato is considered a fruit or that it comes from a flower first, but if you baby knows?

If you want to teach your baby about nature processes from early on, then this baby toy is perfect. It is a reversible baby toy which transforms from flower to tomato. So child learns that before making a tomato, Mother Nature first produces a flower.

This baby toy is suitable from birth for girls or boys. Its texture and bell help awaken the senses and its tomato and flower shape is created to make babies aware of nature and healthy eating.

This baby toy comes with an eco-responsible paper bag, as if it came out of the market. Your baby will love it.

This is an original and sustainable birth gift!

Dimensions: 12 x 21 cm (max. length x max. height)

Material: Outside 100% organic cotton - Inside 100% flower with 1bell.

Care instructions: machine washable at 30 degrees.