Ping-Pong Racket Donic Schildkröt WALDNER 1000

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High performance Ping-Pong Racket/Paddle from the line of the European champion Dima Ovtcvharov

Speed: 9 - Control: 6 - Effect: 9 - Handle: Concave - Rubber: ATTACK - Sponge 2.1mm - Technologies: AVS PLS ERGO

It has Donic ABP (Adjustable Balance Point) technology. The hollow handle reduces the total weight of the blade by improving the transmission of vibrations, optimising control over play and shifting the centre of gravity towards the blade head, providing more power and speed without losing the feeling of control.

It also incorporates the AVS (Shock Absorption System) which offers improved ball control and reduces vibrations caused by the impact of the ball thanks to two special shock-absorbing layers on the handle and wood.

Its Power Light (PLS) system makes the racquet much lighter and more balanced, with a hollow handle configuration that moves the total weight towards the racquet's centre of gravity. This configuration gives better balance to the table tennis paddle and makes it suitable for searching for attacking shots.

ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved rubbers.