Outdoor Wood and Metal Sturdy Football Table

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Ultra-resistant outdoor foosball table without altering the pleasure of the game. Its place is in the garden all year round, for your greatest pleasure. Made by Stella.

Handmade in France. It includes 5 cork balls. You will only need to mount the feet. Guarantee: 2 Generations.

Available in 2 colours: White, Taupe

Please let us know the colour of players for each team: Red, Blue, Black or White - and the colour of the field: Green, Grey, Black, Grey or Blue

If you want to create your own games room, we invite you to discover the Games Collection prepared for you.

    - Hand painted rot-proof solid wood legs (FREIJO)
    - Stainless steel goal cages, bearings, screws and bolts
    - Ground stainless steel telescopic bars
    - HPL compact laminate box with stainless steel reinforcement rods
    - Soft rubber shock absorbers

Height: 93 cm - Length: 158 cm - Width: 100 cm - Weight : 80 kg