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Official World Chess Set - Foldable Chess Board

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Offical World Chess Set - folding board and studio pieces together in one set.

Designed by famed design studio Pentagram for World Chess, this set is developed specifically to be kept in one’s home.

Phenomenal design and craftsmanship, exceptional materials make this set a collectors’ item. The signature design of the chess set — exactly the same as the famous Championship set. It’s smaller than the Championship version (87% of the full size).

Shipped in a travel pouch, it does not take much space and can be easily stored or put into a weekend bag. Both the set and the packaging were designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram for World Chess.

The pieces come with the folding chess board. It’s a modern chess board developed for design-minded players who feel that classical boards are too big and chunky for a modern apartment.

Squares are 45mm wide. World Chess logos are inlaid into the wood. The boards are manufactured in Spain. The weight of the king is 25 grams (the total weight of the set in the box is 808 grams).

This official luxury chess set comes with the additional queens.

The board information: Dark Square: Walnut - Light Square: Sycamore - Border: Walnut - Finish: Mat