Nordique Minimalist Home Design Football Table

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Nordique is a Minimalist designed football table. Bewitching, soothing and seductive, one look is enough to succumb to its charm. A mix of noble materials to offer you a solid wooden table football table guaranteed for two generations.

Handmade in France. It includes 5 cork balls. You will only need to mount the feet.

Available in 2 leg colours: White, Beech Wood

Please let us know the colour of players for each team: Red, Blue, Black or White - and the colour of the field: Green, Grey, Black, Grey or Blue

    - Box in real beech multigne
    - Gerflex play mat on rigid base
    - Self-lubricating bearings with stainless steel flanges
    - Hand varnished beech legs
    - Soft rubber shock absorbers

Height: 93 cm - Length: 158 cm - Width: 100 cm - Weight :70 kg