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Luxury Aramith Accessory Box for Pool Game

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Luxury Aramith billiard accessory box with all the essentials for playing and maintaining billiards.

List of accessories included:

Balls and ball accessories:
1 American Super Aramith marble set
1 learning log Jim Rempe + manual
1 wooden triangle
1 wooden rhombus
1 Aramith ball cleaner
1 Aramith micro-fibre cleaning cloth for balls

Tails and tail accessories:
4 high quality American cues, in 2 parts
1 easel
1 easel tail in 2 parts
1 cue holder 6 wooden cues
1 tail repair kit
6 Aramith chalks

Other accessories:
1 horsehair brush
1 brush for the strips
1 kit for "hen" game: 1 leather bottle + numbered wooden tokens
1 game rules manual