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Leadbelly Muscle Car

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This incredible child toy car draws its inspiration from the American muscle car.

Leadbelly is an homage to the muscle car, brutally simple, minimalist lines, lowered over some fat tires. The age recommendation is 1 year plus. This means this product is safety tested and recommended for children that are aged 1 year and above.

Comes in four styles: Sonny (blue); Skeeter (black); Burnside (gold); Vincent (red)

Dimensions: 161mm x 80mm x 63mm

Materials: ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.

Detroit carmakers saw what the hot rodders were doing in the late 60’s and started bringing these ideas to the workingman. Steal a few ideas from Italian supercars and the muscle car was born. Popular culture stole it back and has never let it go, badass rebellion and freedom. We can’t think of a type of car that gets customised more as people express their inner rebel.