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Is this the world's most beautiful desk lamp?

This is a question many have already thought about as this superb design lamp has won multiple design awards. Indeed, we find it simply stunning. It's not a secret, we own one in our own office.

This desk lamp has many features but the most notable is the now famous Tunable White technology by Tobias Grau which adapts the tone of the LED lamp offering total flexibility and personalisation of light intensity and warmth. You can separetely adjust both brightness and warmth.

With that being said, you might think this is a difficult design desk lamp to manipulate, but on the contrary, it's super simple. It is designed for effortless adjustment to desired light settings.

JOHN is designed for ultimate ergonomic use. Tobias Grau engineering team has developed this desk lamp to provide outstanding flexibility and quality of motion, so you can illuminate a chosen surface, object, or area with agility and precision.

It features an outstanding light quality with high-performance LEDs and state-of-the-art optical lens beams beautiful, adaptable and de-glared light at maximum energy efficiency. Colour temperature 2.400 / 2.700 / 3.000 / 3.500 | 2.700-2.200

Available in 3 colours: White, Graphite, Black

As a retailer we love Tobias Grau because they perfectly fit with our motto of manufacturing quality instead of quantity.  They work exclusively with the highest quality materials and trusted local suppliers. All partners are obliged to sign and adhere to their Code of Conduct, comprising both social and environmental standards.

Their award-winning design combines timeless, minimal form with optimal efficiency. Tobias Grau creates iconic and enduring pieces that last a lifetime.

All Tobias Grau lamps are designed and produced at their solar-powered headquarters near Hamburg. They maximise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers, with the majority of all components sourced in Germany.

Of course, this luxury desk lamp is made in Germany.

Dimensions:150 cm of cable - 55 cm height

Desk Lamp Design Awards

2018 - German Design Award
2015 - German Design Award Special Mention
2013 - Focus Open
2013 - iF Product Design Award
2013 - reddot Design Award Winner