Carrie Table Lamp LED Portable

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Portable, lightweight design lamp. The Carrie LED Lamp is unique for its multiple uses and mutability.

With a sleek, functional handle and a warm orb of light nestled gently in a basket-like base, the lamp is useful almost anywhere; even on the go, as it is cordless and comes with a USB charger.

Move it from your office to your bedside table, to your evening picnic in the park and in your bicycle basket as you ride home. The cosy light created by this special piece of lighting brings comfort and sophistication wherever you are.

The portable LED lamp comes in white colour. It offers a low, warm light in three settings perfect for creating a cosy ambience. Fully charged, it will stay on for 10 hours.

Important usage information: To keep the internal battery healthy, only leave the design lamp plugged in during charging, with the lamp off. Do not leave plugged in while in use.

Dimensions: 24.5 x 13.5 cm (height x diameter) - Weight: 0.62 kg