Carbon Ping-Pong Racket Donic Schildkröt CARBOTEC 7000

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100% Carbon Luxury High Performance Ping-Pong Racket.

Speed: 12 - Control: 6 - Effect: 12 - Handle: Concave - Rubber: ATTACK PLUS - Sponge 2.3mm - Technologies: QRC CARBOTEC

Excellent resistance and a more dynamic and aggressive game approach. Carbon is a very resistant and light material. This Super High Performance Ping-Pong Racket is made in one piece and is completely empty in the centre which provides a more agile, dynamic and fast game.

It incorporates the QRC - System (Quick Rubber Change) technology, a system that facilitates the change of rubber in a few seconds and without the need to clean the residues left by the previous rubber, as its aluminium self-adhesive does not leave any residue.