Bonnie Racing Car

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This gorgeous child car toy is so beautiful it will be mistaken for a decoration car.

The car is available in 4 beautiful yet very distintive styles, two neutral and two other representing the USA and GB.

This toy car will help develop motor skills, and as all toy cars, your child imagination by playing.

The designers of the car drew their inspiration from the early Formula 1 racing cars. The beauty lies in its simplicity: a pure shape on wheels, with the addition of bold graphics to bring it to life. Cool, hip and eye-catching, Bonnie is a true showstopper that will look stunning on the shelf, mantelpiece or racing around on the living room floor!

It is built using the finest quality materials to last a lifetime, and even be passed on to the next generations. The age recommendation is 3 years plus. This means this product is safety tested and recommended for children that are aged 3 years and above.

Comes in four styles: GB (green); Freedom (american flag); Joules (nº7); Silver (grey coloured)

Dimensions: 215mmx 120mm x 92mm

Materials: ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.

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