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Air Hockey Mini Home Available in 2 Colours

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The Mini Home Air Hockey Table has been specially designed for home use.

With the same height and width of a standard, the mini size is slightly shorter to better fit any space, especially at home. Made in Europe.

This Air Hockey table has all the gaming features of an automatic table, with electronic scoreboard on the playing surface and push button to get the games. This being a home use air hockey table, it has no coin mechanism.

It includes 2 orange goalkeepers with protection, 2 yellow goalkeepers with protection, 4 goalie cloth bases, 2 orange tokens, 2 red ball tokens, 2 cosmic tokens, 2 red Rugby tokens

Available in 2 colours: White, Black

Dimensions: 125 x 198 x 75 cm (width x lenght x height) - Weight: 200 kg